Transforming our Business

As a company we want to play to our strengths — leveraging our infrastructure, developing innovative channels and creating new routes to market. This will enable us to continue to build trusted relationships with our customers.

This leads us to our proposition: "we help and inspire our customers with life on the move". Our proposition is dependent on our ability to have a market-leading portfolio of products and services accessible through innovative channel delivery, enabled by the core elements of our infrastructure. This combination will drive and deliver our future growth.

Improving our infrastructure supports our customer proposition ensuring we continue to offer great products and services — at the right price and at the right time.

Simultaneously, our infrastructure provides the business with the ability to improve our customer responsiveness and underpin the growth opportunities we have identified.

As a result we are simplifying and refocusing our activities around three core themes:

Friend of the Motorist

Best Cycle Shop in Town

Starting Point for Great Getaways.

This will allow us to differentiate what we do and set the standards for innovative retailing.

The following pages highlight the areas of strength at the heart of our business and will continue to provide the strong foundations necessary for executing our strategy and delivering on our promises.