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Products & Services — Starting Point for Great Getaways

Our Aim

Our aim is to help our customers make the most of their journeys and outdoor experiences — helping our customers with their "life on the move".

Market Trends

There are a number of category drivers including growth in active leisure, a desire to holiday more cost-effectively and spending more precious leisure time with the family.

Consumer trends towards leisure, safety and value for money increases the attractiveness of this category within our overall portfolio and provides significant growth potential.

Our Position

Brand association with leisure products continues to grow from our traditional core products of roof boxes to our expanding camping range.

Our Offer

Products within this category are designed to help enhance journeys, camping, child travel solutions and mobility products. Product features include increasing the capacity of carrying goods (roof boxes and trailers), increasing the safety of the journey (child seats and safety vests) and providing en route or destination contentment (tents and camping equipment). The Halfords offer also benefits from a professional fitting service.

Pampero is an example of Halfords' brand differentiation — created to compete with premium brands in the child safety seat category to an exceptional specification. Pampero is exclusive to Halfords and is available in-store or online.

116,000 tyre inflators sold

14,000 snow socks/chains sold

430,000 child seats sold, including 44,000 Pampero sold