Products & Services — Friend of the Motorist

Our Aim

We aim to be the No. 1 destination for products and services that enhance customers' use of their car. Our range comprises retail Car Maintenance and Car Enhancement products, augmented with in-store services delivered through our range of "Do It For Me" offers or through our dedicated autocentres. Halfords Autocentres provide a range of services catering for the Car Maintenance market — services, MOTs through to complete vehicle maintenance packages.

In short, we aim to take the hassle out of motoring for our customers while maintaining and growing service advantage that provides growth opportunities that appeal to our investors.

Market Trends

Sophisticated car production is causing a channel shift amongst customers from a Do It Yourself ("DIY") to a Do It For Me ("DIFM") attitude.

Global sourcing opportunities provide economies of scale and close supplier relationships that the fragmented independent garages are unable to benefit from.

A growing and ageing car parc as cars last longer and consumers are reluctant to "trade in for new" is underpinning growth in the UK automotive aftercare market — currently estimated to be worth between £8bn and £10bn. It is a fragmented industry and that means that any consolidation and/or compelling offer has the ability to "move the needle" and provide a "step-change" in terms of growth performance for the Group.

Our Position

Halfords is a natural destination retailer for products in the Car Maintenance and Car Enhancement categories as well as being a leading chain of UK car service centres providing garage service, auto repair and MOTs. Our position is likely to further improve as we look to extend the range and services that we provide as a Friend of the Motorist.

Our Offer

Through our Halfords Autocentres we have an opportunity to consolidate a fragmented market under a strong brand delivering an homest and trustworthy service. Our retail stores provide us with the opportunity to deliver car-related products and to extended our services to cater for both the retail and fleet customer, providing a unique combination of product and service.

Bulbs stocked for 98% of the UK car parc

Wipers stocked for 93% of the UK car parc

37 autocentres opened since acquisition