Channels — Brand Resonance

Our brand continues to create domestic growth opportunities. At the heart of our brand story are our brand values. These values support the brand in the marketplace and allow us stand out in our key core categories. Brand extension leverages our previous brand successes and allows us to tap into new product categories and new product ranges.

Brand Strength and Values

Our brand is one of our greatest strengths. We have leading positions in attractive markets, with many of our brands holding No. 1 sales positions in the UK.

The quality of our products and services continues to drive our credibility. Our brand remains trusted in the minds of our customers, underpinned by strong customer relevance and satisfaction.

Brand visibility has been further enhanced following the re-branding of Halfords Autocentres, ongoing reinvigoration of our store portfolio and innovative web promotions — providing a high profile both online and offline. As a result, c.9% of all sales are conducted online and 86% of these are collected from our stores.

Brand Extension

We continue to leverage the Halfords brand into new categories and new product ranges, including the extension of the Halfords brand name into the servicing arena, supporting our aspirations to expand the brand in the automotive aftercare market. We believe such initiatives will deliver customer awareness benefits, resulting in better footfall and utilisation.

Effective promotion of our brands via our multi-channel offer will continue to change our revenue mix towards higher value, more profitable products, services and opportunities.

Brand Management

We have strong brand and category management, ensuring that Halfords remains a natural destination for customers. This will provide a catalyst for growth as we continue to find reasons and offerings to bring customers back to us.

Brand management combined with effective customer marketing significantly enhances customer awareness and increases demand for our products and services. National TV and radio advertising campaigns continue to support awareness of the Halfords brand.

Our brand management provides a single face to customers so they connect with the Halfords brand across our offer and through new products, services and channels. Creating a single view of the customer for Halfords will enable us to increase relevancy in marketing and build a greater understanding of our customers.

Our brands enable us to offer products at multiple price points and specifications to appeal to a diverse customer base. Sub-brands include Carrera, Voodoo and Boardman within the cycle category.


No. 1 UK bike brand Apollo

Own label products 49.4% of revenue, an increase of 10%

Exclusive distribution of Boardman and Pendleton brands

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