Notes to Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows

I. Analysis of movements in the Group's net debt in the period

At 1 April
Cash flow
Other non-cash changes
At 30 March
Cash and cash equivalents at bank and in hand (4.6) 15.5 10.9
Debt due after one year (86.8) (50.9) (0.9) (138.6)
Total net debt excluding finance leases (91.4) (35.4) (0.9) (127.7)

Finance leases due within one year (0.3) 0.3 (0.3) (0.3)
Finance lease due after one year (11.5) 0.3 (11.2)
Total finance leases (11.8) 0.3 (11.5)
Total net debt (103.2) (35.1) (0.9) (139.2)

Non-cash changes comprise finance costs in relation to the amortisation of capitalised debt issue costs of £0.9m (2011: £0.4m) and changes in classification between amounts due within and after one year.

Cash and cash equivalents at the period end consist of £13.4m (2011: £2.7m) of liquid assets and £2.5m (2011: £7.3m) of bank overdrafts.

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