Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income

Notes52 weeks to
30 March 2012
52 weeks to
1 April 2011
Profit for the period
68.4 85.5

Other comprehensive income

Foreign currency translation differences for foreign operations
(0.5) 0.1
Cash flow hedges:

Fair value changes in the period
(0.9) (4.2)
Transfers to inventory
1.3 (1.0)
Transfers to net profit:

Cost of sales
(0.2) 1.6
Income tax on other comprehensive income 7 (0.3) 1.1
Other comprehensive income for the period, net of income tax
(0.6) (2.4)
Total comprehensive income for the period attributable to equity shareholders
67.8 83.1

The Notes to the Financial Statements are an integral part of these consolidated financial statements.

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