Shareholder KPIs

Annual Performance
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Underlying Profit
Measures the normal underlying performance of the business after removing non-recurring items.
In what has been a tough environment for customers the Group generated an underlying Profit before Tax of £92.2m. Halfords' response has been to help customers by creating value through the quality and price of our products and the expertise and service of our colleagues. Our significant growth areas of Cycling, Fitting services and Autocentres have all performed strongly.
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Underlying Earnings per Share
Underlying profits as defined above divided by the number of shares in issue.
As a result of the fall in profits, EPS before non-recurring items is down 22.0% on the prior year.
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Net Debt
Bank debt plus finance leases, less cash and cash equivalents both in-hand and at bank.
The Company continued to invest in the business in FY12 and during the year purchased 18.1m shares via a share buyback programme, commenced on 7 April 2011, at a cost of £62.3m.
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Dividend per ordinaryshare
Cash returned to shareholders as a return on their investment in the Company.
The Board will recommend, at the Company's AGM, a final dividend of 14.0p per ordinary share. This confirms the Company's ability to generate strong cash flows year-on-year.
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Total Revenues(1)
Total sales revenues from all business activities.
At £863.1m Group revenues were down 0.8% year-on-year. Retail revenues of £752.3m were down 2.5%, whilst Autocentre revenues at £110.8m were up 13%.
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Costs (as a % of sales)
Group operating costs from all business activities, excluding non-recurring items, expressed as a percentage of sales.
To secure long-term growth and profitability, investment in the business has continued. Activities that have contributed to an increase in costs include: inflationary and minimum wage increases across the Group; increases in rents, rates and utilities; a successful media campaign; investment in tyre training; rebrand depreciation; the impact of new centre opening activity and higher store support costs.
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  1. Figures for the years 2008–2010 relate to the Retail business only.