Retail KPIs

Annual Performance
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Like-for-like Sales
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In a difficult consumer environment we have responded with a trading strategy that offers great value and expert services.
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Gross Profit Percentage
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Gross Profit in the UK/ROI Retail business declined by 140bps.
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wefit/werepair jobs
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We have continued with our advertising to raise the awareness of our wefit/werepair services and have supported this in-store with an intense training programme to ensure that our colleagues provide expert customer advice and fitting services.
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wefit/werepair revenue
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Services offered by our colleagues provide a "Do It For Me" solution to the needs of all of our customers across all of our categories and has resulted in an annual increase of c.23%.
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No. of Stores

We have refreshed 83 stores in FY12, and these have reported like-for-like sales growth of +2.5%, ahead of the retail average.
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(as a % of sales)

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The underlying increase in operating costs reflected higher store and support costs, offset by savings in warehouse and distribution costs.
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Online sales
(as a % of total revenue)

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With online sales of c.£66.6m the 30bps reduction reflected a fall in online travel solution sales, where the majority of products, such as child seats, are sold on price alone. Halfords continues to offer fitting as a point of differentiation to pure online retailers.
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% of web customers visiting stores
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Whilst remaining static year-on-year, the relaunch in March 2012 of our Order & Collect service which allows next day delivery for goods ordered online before 6.00 pm saw an immediate improvement in the number of sales made online.
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