"We interact with our customers every day to ensure that our range meets their requirements and that they understand how to use our products safely."

Stores and Customer Service

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We market high quality products that we believe meet or exceed the requirements of appropriate legislation, international conventions and codes of practice. Where external guidance does not exist, we apply our own exacting standards. With a complex product range of over 14,000 items, we interact with our customers every day to ensure that our range meets their requirements and that they understand how to use our products safely. Halfords has a large number of regular customers who see their key drivers of satisfaction being choice of products and brands, store environments and ease of shopping, knowledgeable staff with a "will-do" helpful attitude and competitive, value-for-money pricing together with a reasonably priced service proposition.

Our autocentres provide value-added services to both the general public and large fleet providers alike, and carry out manufacturer-based servicing which meets the needs of vehicles still covered under warranty as well as our own menu-based servicing options, typically reducing the cost of motoring yet maintaining quality. The parts that we fit meet OE standards, ensuring that warranties are never compromised and that legislative requirements are met. We are the UK's largest supporter of the Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) scheme and we work proactively to ensure that our technicians are up to date and technically competent.

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As well as being monitored by external organisations such as VOSA and Trading Standards, we apply our own quality control systems and mystery shopper programme to ensure that our customers receive the very best service experience.


We continually assess the lifestyle and environmental impacts of our products, packaging, procedures and services at all appropriate stages, e.g. design, procurement, supply, sale, use and disposal. We always promote good practice in the provision of environmental communication to customers and colleagues; however, our business strategy and product offering is strongly influenced by consumer choice. For example in FY12 we sold c.993,000 litres of diluted screen wash and only c.540,000 litres of concentrated screen wash, a product that has a carbon footprint c.5 times lower than its diluted equivalent.

At a time when the issues surrounding health and obesity have become increasingly important, Halfords, as the largest retailer of cycling products, actively encourages people to participate in this outdoor activity. We currently stock 189 models of bicycles, of which 82 are aimed at children between three and eight years of age, and we continue to market "Cycle 2 Work" schemes that allow employers to offer to their employees the use of a bicycle for travelling to work.


Within our Autocentres business, all of our servicing products are aimed at increasing fuel efficiency and helping the motorist get more miles per gallon.

During 2011 we introduced our new brakes4life product. brakes4life is a lifetime replacement of brake pads and brake shoes. By maintaining brake pads and shoes in good working condition our customers can improve fuel efficiency and ensure they can drive the car safely.

Supply Chain Transportation

Given that so many of our products are imported, we pay particular attention to the carbon footprint that this could create. We continue to monitor the airfreighting of our products from suppliers, and only do so in cases of extreme urgency. When landed in the UK, the majority of our products are shipped via rail to our Distribution Centres in the Midlands.