Autocentre KPIs

Annual Performance
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Like-for-like sales

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In a tough consumer environment, where customers have been very deliberate about their spending plans we have focused on delivering a quality and trustworthy service at an affordable price. We aim to improve customer retention at our existing centres: over the last six years this has increased from 43% to 51.7% and we believe we can ultimately achieve 60%+.
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Fleet sales (as a % of total sales)

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Unfortunately we have suffered in FY12 as both the number and size of fleets have reduced. However, we remain committed to this strategy of driving Fleet business and have resently appointed a Director of Fleet sales to drive this strategy forward. Fleet cars still represent over 1 in every 4 cars serviced.
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Number of Centres

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We have opened 20 new centres in FY12, whilst at the same time completing rebranding and refurbishing the original estate. We aim to open a further 20 to 30 centres in FY13.
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Jobs per Productive per Week ("jpppw")

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We continue to increase jobs per productive worker per week to 14.7% and increase over the last five years of c.14%. We expect this to improve further as the number of tyre fittings increases.
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Online Bookings

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The continued development of a Group strategy and providing an link from has driven an increase in online bookings of 43.6% in FY12.
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